Coping with Small Display Size of Smartphones

As I discussed in my previous post Challenges facing Smartphone as a SaaS Client , the small display size of smartphones is the second obstacle that has to be addressed before smartphones can become viable SaaS clients.. There is a vast amount of information out there that is generated by applications and web sites of all types. Presenting this information on a small screen is challenging to say the least, especially when users are becoming accustomed to increasingly large displays and having a lot of information at their fingertips. It is ironic that the very mobility of smartphones which has made them ubiquitous and desirable is what prevents their display size to be increased. Read more

Handling the Diversity of Smartphones

In my last post Challenges facing Smartphones as SaaS Clients I listed five issues that smartphone applications must address before smartphones can become powerful SaaS clients. In this post I dig deeper in to the first of these issues, which is the sheer diversity of smartphones, and discuss the scope of this problem and how software applications might go about addressing it. Read more

Challenges facing Smartphones as SaaS Clients

In a previous post SmartPhones: The Ultimate SaaS Clients I discussed why I am convinced that smartphones will be the ultimate SaaS clients. However, before they can assume the mantle of the ultimate SaaS clients, smartphone technology must overcome some serious hurdles. The PC platform is very rich in terms of user interface and has matured over many years to provide a robust set of capabilities for displaying and collecting information. The maturity of the user interface, which is optimized for how people work with desktops and laptops, is what has made the PC the dominant IT platform today. To displace the PC from this position smartphones will have to provide an equally robust user interface which is optimized for the ways people work with mobile devices. Read more

Why the Web is the Ultimate Platform for Smartphone Applications

As the smartphone application market explodes with tens of thousands of new applications coming online in the application stores of the major platforms (Apple, Google, Microsoft, BlackBerry, etc.), there is a silent but crucial debate going on in the market. The debate centers around the whether smartphone applications should be Web-based or native. And the stakes are high as the outcome will determine the shape of the ultimate IT platform that smartphones are destined to become. Read more