Yes, our name is a bit unusual and funny!

We think it is best to give you a brief explanation of how we arrived at this name, and why we have secured a registered trademark for the word “Chatty”.

We did not name our company “Chatty Solutions” because we are a group of chatty individuals, or that we are promoting the habit of being Chatty. Instead the name reflects the essential way that Chatty Apps work. All of us have engaged in chat messaging on the Internet. Chat occurs in small sentences as one user converses with another. Each sentence by itself may not have any meaning. However a combination of chat messages exchanged by individuals over period of time could be a very weighty and significant discussion. Furthermore chat is easy, universal, conducted in small bites, and can occur over all different types of devices. Indeed chat is the natural way of using smartphones. All these are also the characteristics of Chatty Apps. The only difference is that instead of two people chatting with each other, in the case of Chatty Apps a user is chatting with the Chatty Apps Server. So the chat metaphor is the essence of Chatty Apps, hence the origin of the name Chatty. It reflects the essence, power and simplicity of our solution.

We thank Yahoo and Google for pioneering the use of strange names and making them palatable — no desirable– to the general public as well as the corporate world. Our vision is to make Chatty as ubiquitous as Google!