Smartphones are becoming the next hardware platform for business and commerce applications just like personal computers became the platform in the 1980s. They provide an excellent means of communication and presentation of information at a personal level everywhere. However, to become viable platforms for business and commerce applications that are becoming Web-based, smartphones must also excel in two additional areas. First, they must interoperate seamlessly with other hardware platforms namely PCs and laptops that smartphone users will continue to use, and with mainframes and the myriads of back office applications and databases they host. Second, smartphones must provide an elegant means of supporting electronic forms and user interfaces that are in harmony with the way smartphone users work.


Chatty Solutions’ mission is to provide leading-edge products and services to enable smartphones to become excellent application platforms for mobile Web and SaaS applications, and make them equal players in the application ecosystem. We will partner with software vendors, mobile application and web developers to include smartphone users in the IT ecosystem with the same fidelity as personal computer users.