Chatty™ Apps Accelerates Android and iPhone App Development without Programming

Complete and powerful 4GL online development platform brings mobile app development to power users. Build cross-platform mobile apps and mobile form that leverage cloud computing
Cary NC January 03, 2012: successful run, announces the release of Chatty Apps, a hosted platform for the rapid development and deployment of mobile apps for three major platforms, namely Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Phone. Empowered with the integrated building blocks of Chatty Apps, such as a rules designer/engine, extensible data model, and formula calculator, power users and developers can reduce mobile form and mobile app development time from weeks to days.

“We were able to create a mobile auto loan application integrated with the banking system of one of our banking customers in a matter of days,” said Kay Winkler, Partner and Managing Director of NSI Solutions, a Chatty Apps reseller in Panama focused on the banking industry. “Chatty Apps not only produces cross-platform mobile apps but also eliminates the need for programming or scripting which are the most time consuming and costly.”

Chatty Apps is a 4GL development platform that accelerates Android and iPhone app development and mobile form creation by providing the essential building blocks of robust applications. No other product in the market today includes all the building blocks provided by Chatty Apps for developers and power users to use by simple drag & drop linking and configuration:

  • An extensible data model that uses XML while hiding its complexity
  • A formula calculator that performs calculations in the background
  • A rules engine and designer that enables smart decisioning and flow of application logic
  • An action designer that allows creation of reusable logical components
  • A web services action designer that makes it easy to invoke and orchestrate web services and employ them in the app
  • A flow designer that graphically represents the flow of the app and its logic
  • A forms editor that allows the creation of rich HTML/HTML5 or native user interfaces whose sequence is controlled by the flow
  • An integrity checker that ensures that the app is not broken by pinpointing inconsistencies and missing resources

Chatty Apps is middleware that sits between enterprise and business applications and mobile devices, providing a powerful way to extend the user interface of the applications to mobile devices of all types. “Companies can use Chatty Apps to orchestrate Web Services and tie them together to perform specific business processes that are available at the fingertips of mobile users,” said Rashid Khan, Founder and CEO of Chatty Solutions. “Simply touching an image on a smartphone can trigger a transaction that flows across different backend enterprise applications to collect pertinent information or update key parameters. Chatty Apps makes smartphones and mobile devices the ultimate client platform for enterprise applications that is present wherever the users are.”

In addition to rapid mobile app development without programming, Chatty Apps has a number of features ideally suited for the way mobile users work. Mobile users can stop working in the middle of a task without losing data. Interruptions do not result in the user having to start all over again. Users can start their work using the device that is appropriate for the moment. Unable to finish the work, they can stop and restart later using a different device that is appropriated for the new situation. The user interface is dynamic and optimized for each device. This unique capability enables them to use the device that is most suitable for the situation, as demonstrated in this video presentation.

Chatty Apps is offered for a monthly subscription fee of as little as $70 per application. The price includes the use of the online design studio, administrative tools, hosting the application for development testing and actual production with no limits on the number of end users, data base size, memory and bandwidth utilization.

About Chatty Solutions

Chatty™ Solutions develops and markets Chatty Apps, an innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for the rapid development of powerful, cross-platform mobile user-interfaces for SaaS applications and Web forms, enabling them to run like native apps on smartphones. They extend SaaS applications and Web forms to mobile users. Using a patented technology combining business rules, flow charts, a formula engine, extensible data model and the chat/instant messaging paradigm, Chatty App’s supports multiple smartphones with a single app, allows switching between smartphone and laptop/desktop even in the middle of an app, protects against data loss if connection is lost, and offers friction-free integration via Web Services/SOA.