Becoming a Chatty Partner is one of the easiest ways to make money while at the same time participating in one of the most dynamic, innovative and fast growing industry in the history of mankind.  Industry reports show the market for mobile apps is forecasted to top a whopping $101 billion in 2017. No industry has ever grown so fast to such a large size in such a short time span. In addition, Forrester projects that the market for services for developing mobile apps, which is the specific target of Chatty Apps, will exceed $17 billion by 2015.
The Chatty Partners Program enables VARs, independent sales agents and system integrators to participate in this exciting and rapidly growing market. “The worldwide partner network we developed and worked with was the key to the success and profitability of Ultimus from its very inception,” said Rashid Khan, Founder and CEO of Chatty Solutions and Founder and former CEO of Ultimus Inc. “At Chatty Solutions we want to replicate the success we had with partners at Ultimus, and make it a much better win-win relationship based on the lessons we learnt over 14 years working closely with partners in all corners of the globe.”
Chatty Solutions Partner Program is designed to make it easy, cost effective and profitable for partners to focus on finding and supporting customers with the least amount of cost and effort. Some key aspects of the Program are as follows:

  1. Program is open for VARs (Chatty VAR Partners), independent sales agents (Chatty Sales Partners) and system integrators (Chatty Integrators).
  2. Partner fee is only $100/year with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with Chatty Solutions for any reason, you don’t pay anything.
  3. Partners can earn commission on sales up to 50% based on the level of service provided
  4. Partners do not need to acquire or install any software. All software for powerful, convincing demos is online
  5. Free sales and product training is included.
  6. Partners can get a Chatty Apps account for building their own prototypes or demo solutions for a 95% discount from the already aggressive pricing of Chatty Apps. No hardware or software is needed for this as it is available online.
  7. Free sales and marketing collateral is provided in electronic format.
  8. Partner can either collect payments from the customers or leave that to Chatty Solutions so you can focus on sales. We give you the flexibility of the services you want to offer and the type of relationship you want with your customers.

The bottom line for partners is profitability, flexibility and ease of doing business with Chatty Solutions. We want our partners to focus on building strong customer relationship with a minimum amount of hassle, bureaucracy, tinkering with the hardware and software, etc. And we understand that all partners are unique and we will not force a cookie-cut, one-size-fits-all relationship with you.
“We treat every partner as a member of our extended team and build a trusting relationship with them,” according to Rashid Khan. “The reason is simple—our success depends on the success of our partners. They win, we win; they lose, we lose!”

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