Chatty Solutions Announces Key Upgrade for Mobile Application Development Platform

Chatty Apps v3.2 is a giant step forward for iPhone application development and Android application development of enterprise business apps with a mobile form

Raleigh NC July 11, 2012:  Chatty Solutions today announced a key product upgrade for the fastest mobile application development platform for the development and deployment of mobile apps for the Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Phone. Only six months after introducing the innovative Chatty Apps v3.1 rapid app development platform, the new v3.2 release adds 10 significant product enhancements that leverage the powerful underlying architecture and further accelerate mobile application development by leveraging technologies such as HTML5.

CEO and Founder Rashid Khan, a software entrepreneur with two successful start-ups under his belt, explains the company vision. “Chatty Solutions strategic vision is to become the premier code-free platform for developing and deploying front ends for existing forms and data-centric business applications working without friction across all major mobile platforms.” Khan highlights the key advances of the new release, “The new version 3.2 is loaded with customer-driven features and capabilities that make it faster and easier for power users and developers. It exemplifies our determination to pursue our goals as aggressively as possible without compromising the security, stability, usability and performance of the Chatty Apps cloud platform.”

Chatty Apps provides significant value by making traditional applications “mobile-enabled” at a time when people are increasingly demanding access and use of applications through their mobile devices. The July 2 comScore report indicates that 234 million Americans are now using mobile devices with the smart phone market share divided up with Google Android at 51%, Apple iPhone at 32% and Microsoft at 4%. As mobile usage increases more users are accessing business and productivity applications that include a mobile form along with steps that are part of a workflow or business process. As a result, software manufacturers are faced with the challenge of how to best mobile-enable their software applications. That is exactly the problem that Chatty Apps is focused on solving.

JDH Corrosion Consultants, Inc. provides an excellent example of how the new Chatty Apps v3.2 helped them speed up mobile app development. According to Mr. Mohammad Ali, Vice President and Principal, “Chatty Solutions developed an app that provides mobile user interface for 10 commonly used engineering calculations performed in Google spreadsheet. We are impressed with the speed with which the app was developed without any programming/scripting, the ease with which it can be changed, and the fact that we could use Google spreadsheet sitting in the cloud to do the calculations without having to share the spreadsheet with anyone else.”

In this typical implementation Chatty Apps asks the user for inputs for a complex calculation, uploads the inputs into the Google spreadsheet via Web Services, the spreadsheet does a recalculation, and Chatty Apps downloads the results and presents them in the mobile device. If user has to change a calculation, they can simply change the formulas in the spreadsheet. This is the future of mobile apps which will leverage thousands of existing and proven back office applications residing behind the firewall and part of the existing IT ecosystem that has evolved over the past few decades. Chatty Apps simply extends the user interface of the apps over a secure network to all types of mobile devices.

The Top Ten enhancements in Chatty Apps v3.2 are:

1) Flexible Grid Table Layouts – a new grid-table layout can be used to quickly create rich user interfaces, making it fast and easy to create a mobile form and add controls and adjust rows, columns, borders and colors.

2) Powerful HTML5 Edit Box Controls – the power and flexibility of HTML5 means many different types of input such as Email, Date, Time, and Telephone can be accepted without the need for using JavaScript

3) Reusable HTML Keywords, JavaScript and JavaScript Library – v3.2 increases the ability to reuse existing code or scripts by saving them in a library as reuseable components and then using them throughout one or more applications.

4) CSS Library – rich support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) enables a CSS to be saved to the library and inserted into a user interface that applies a common style or theme to multiple different user interfaces. This significantly reduces the development time and provides consistency and reuse of design
5) Integrated Debugger – developers can easily see the values of key variables in a “watch windows”, and find out how they impact the flow of the application. They can also evaluate Chat Rules and see how Chat Actions behave. These capabilities greatly speed the development process.

6) Integrity Checker – a new Integrity Checker tests to ensure that a Chatty App will run when deployed and will not break because of missing resources such as links or other parameters essential to the logic and flow of the application.

7) Enhanced REST Web Services Support – using an intuitive UI ensures that a Chatty App can be used easily with any REST Web Service and JSON

8) Advanced Administrator User Interface – the Chatty Apps Administrator has a greatly improved and intuitive interface based on user feedback.

9) Drag and Drop Creation of Objects – greatly simplified and optimized keystroke sequences enable object and flows to be quickly and easily created.

10) Fast Editing of Labels – inline editing makes it very fast to insert or make changes to labels in user interfaces, accelerating the development process.

The improvements released in Chatty Apps v3.2 reflect the company’s commitment to continuous improvement based on listening to the user community. Hundreds of comments, suggestions and ideas from the user community helped drive the development of the new release. The six month product cycle demonstrates a rapid development cycle and the product is fully backwards compatible, reliable and scalable. See a video of Chatty Apps.

About Chatty Solutions:
Chatty Solutions  develops and markets Chatty Apps, an innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for the rapid development of powerful, cross-platform mobile user-interfaces for a SaaS application or mobile form, enabling them to run like native apps on smart phones. Chatty Apps provides seamless, programming-free integration with popular Internet apps like Google Spreadsheet, Excel Web Services, Google Maps, Google Charts, and soon with Google Search that add rich functionality to mobile apps. Similar integrations are available with widely used SaaS and other products such as, QuickBooks Online, SQL databases like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, and archiving products like This makes Chatty Apps a leading platform for iPhone Application Development and Android Application Development.

About JDH Corrosion Consultants Inc.
JDH Corrosion Consultants of Concord, CA is an engineering company specializing in providing corrosion consulting services to clients in the fields of water and wastewater treatment and transmission; mining and minerals; aerospace; marine facilities; petroleum refining and distribution; electric power generation; transportation; municipalities; state and federal government agencies and litigation support services.