Chatty Apps has been selected by a leading Latin American bank as the platform for developing a customer-facing banking application directly aimed at acquiring more customers through the new medium of smartphones and tablets.  The loan originating application is designed specifically for Blackberry users and allows the consumer to quickly and easily fill out an application.

The application form has a number of fields that are populated by real-time data coming directly from the banks back-office systems. The mobile device connects to the Chatty Apps server via the Internet using secure, encrypted communications. The Chatty Apps server communicates with the banking system via secure Web Services. Maximum security is ensured by installing digital certificates on the Chatty Apps server located in a highly secure data center, and the back-office Web Service can be accessed only by requests from this server and none other.

The user filling out the loan application is presented with real time information in the mobile device to enable them to make the best decision about the loan and other parameters. Once completed, the application is processed automatically by a back-office loan approval system with the goal of making a decision in the shortest possible time. Because of the rapid 4GL design capabilities of Chatty Apps, the whole application was developed in less than two weeks and is currently undergoing testing with the goal of going live after another 2 weeks.

The bank is hoping to attract more customers by making it easier for them to do business with the bank. One aspect of making it easier is to enable users to interact with the bank using devices that they are most comfortable with and have the most access to. Furthermore, by being a pioneer in Latin America for these types of banking applications running on mobile devices, the bank hopes to gain additional attention and traction as an innovator.