Chatty Solutions invites you to become a partner and join the global community of companies that are selling and deploying Chatty Apps for mobile enabling SaaS and Web applications. We treat our partners as an extension of the Chatty Solutions team because of our deep conviction that our success depends on your success. Our goal is to make you successful by offering you ten benefits of partnering with Chatty Solution.

Partner Benefits

  1. Sell an innovative and patented software-as-a-service (SaaS) in the new, dynamic and fast-growing market for mobile enabling SaaS and Web applications
  2. Earn a high quality commissions revenue stream
  3. Generate revenue from services associated with the deployment of Chatty Apps
  4. Lower operating cost due to Chatty Solutions software-as-a-service business model:
    • Online demos let you focus on closing deals
    • Online sales collateral to help you sell
    • Online tutorials so you and your customers can get up to speed quickly
    • Online order-processing and collections to keep your administrative cost to a minimum
    • Short selling cycles due to the value of Chatty Apps
    • No investment in hardware or software
  5. Maintain excellent customer relationship through Chatty Solutions Free Trial and Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
  6. Premier Support
  7. Infuence product direction via participation in Product Forums, Early Betas and Technical Previews
  8. Free account for use in demonstrations
  9. Generate leads through cross-linking of website
  10. Increase business from lead referrals

At Chatty Solutions we realize that all partners are not the same. Each partner has their own strengths and requirements. Therefore we offer four different types of partnership programs that allow you to select the one that best fits the type of relationship that you want to have with us. To learn more about each type, please click on its link.

  1. Chatty System Integrators who deploy solutions based on Chatty Apps
  2. Chatty Sales Partner who sell Chatty Apps
  3. Chatty Value Added Resellers who sell and help with the deployment of Chatty Apps
  4. Chatty Premium Value Added Resellers who have an exclusive sales region and help deployment and support of Chatty Apps