Logo-NSINegocios y Soluciones Informáticas (Panama)

NSI (Negocios y Soluciones Informáticas) is a company based in Panama City, Panama, catering to the Latin American market. With a team of professionals that has automated over 300 processes in the last 6 years, NSI is highly specialized in Business Process Management (BPM). Each team member has an average experience of 13 years in BPM, having successfully executed over 100 BPM implementations for large corporations with over $1 billion in revenue in over 20 countries including Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Malaysia, India and UAE. As BPM consulting and implementation specialists, NSI has established partnerships with world-leading brands such as HandySoft BizFlow, b-pack, K2, IBM BPM (Lombardi), OnBase, Chatty Solutions, LincWare, Quadrant Software, TIBCO and Box.Net


img-logo-trust--Trust (Brazil)

Trust is a solutions integrator specializing in Information Technology. Its mission is to understand the market needs, and provide the best consulting services and business solutions based on information technology.

Trust develops and provides technology solutions for the agribusiness sector through managment software. The company’s main objective is to ensure its customers profitability, integration between processes, verification of information, and the speed and traceability of information.

logoKitASP (Japan)

KitASP was founded in 2000 by Prof. Toshio Matsuda at Yamanashi Gakuin University, a co-founder and a former vice-chairman of the Application Service Provider Industry Consortium Japan, with the purpose of introduction and distribution of various cutting-edge software technologies to deliver application software as a service in the market of Japan. Since founded, KitASP has successfully established its technology and business partnerships with leading cloud technology companies such as GraphOn, Jamcracker, Neptune Labs, Google, ZOHO, IBM, Yahoo! JAPAN and others, and now offers the cloud service industries such technologies as presentation/session virtualization, application/workspace virtualization, internet printing server, single source imaging server and cloud service delivery platform.

LOGO_KINATHIXKinathix (Mexico)

Kinathix is dedicated to help customers improve their business processes using high quality human resources and technology, in order to achieve better performance and efficiency, making this in a mutual winning relationship, for both the customer and us.

googlenctnlogoCompliancy (US)

Compliancy Software provides a single solution for automating any GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) process PLUS any business operation with built-in compliance controls to ensure results – a unique GRC Plus™ solution! Companies have the flexibility to start quickly and then expand as needed to address any Governance, Risk management requirements, any regulatory Compliance requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, and any general business operations such as financial processes. Unlike other workflow or automation solutions, Compliancy provides built-in control structures, complete record keeping, certification and audit capabilities for both regulatory requirements AND to ensure compliance of any general business process. The net result is not only reduced costs and greater efficiencies, but more effective decision making because you can be assured that your company is adhering to the processes put in place.


Nofril payoff eng


“Nofrill: Pragmatic Professionals “without frills” for Large Enterprises. Nofrill was established in 2009 to serve only large industrial groups. 

Our formula is simple: Professionals who have already solved, one or more times, … the specific problem of our customer.

Thanks to innovative techniques and tools, we can in a short time, without changing the software in use, produce tangible results through automation between people and people, people and systems, and between systems”