Premium Value Added Resellers (PVARs) partner with Chatty Solutions to resell Chatty App software-as-a-service to customers in their geographical markets or industry verticals on an exclusive basis. They are sales and technical experts of Chatty Apps and work closely with the company, and we treat them as an extension of our team. Premium VARs also provide local support and integration services for customers so that Chatty Apps can be deployed rapidly and provide the maximum value to customers and their end-users. Depending on the region over which they have exclusive responsibility, PVARs may also be required to localize the web site and marketing collateral of Chatty Solutions.

Chatty Solutions is seeking PVARs in all geographical markets worldwide and in all verticals. PVARs must have the following capabilities and skills:

  • Strong customer relationships in a geographical market or industry vertical
  • Established company with a successful track record
  • Expertise in the sale of Web 2.0, enterprise applications and Smartphone software and services
  • Technical integration and support expertise
  • Track record of working with new and pioneering products
  • Localization expertise
  • At least one year of experience as a successful Chatty VAR

Companies interested in joining the community of PVARs should apply here.