System Integration (SI) Partners

System Integrators (SIs) partner with Chatty Solutions to deploy Chatty Apps for customers in their geographical markets or industry verticals. They do not sell Chatty Apps, leaving it to their clients to purchase directly from Chatty Solutions or a Chatty Solution Sales, VAR or Premium VAR Partner. SIs provide local integration services to customers for the rapid deployment of Chatty Apps, and maximizing value to customers and their end-users.

Chatty Solutions is seeking SIs in all geographical markets worldwide and in all verticals. They must have the following capabilities and skills:

  • Strong customer relationships in a geographical market or industry vertical
  • Established company with a successful track record
  • Strong technical expertise in Web 2.0, enterprise and smartphone applications
  • Track record of working with new and pioneering products and technologies

Companies interested in joining the community of Chatty SIs should apply here.