Chatty Apps provide an excellent means of mobile enabling SaaS and Web applications so that they behave like native apps in smart mobile devices. They enable smartphones to be used not only as a means for receiving information but also for data entry and as mobile front-ends to business applications and Web Sites that require users to input information. Chatty Apps offer an excellent user interface and forms data entry solution that naturally fits the size of mobile devices as well as the way in which mobile users like to work. Some major applications are:

  1. SaaS and Web Applications: Almost every SaaS and Web application has to be mobilized so that they can be accesed from mobile devices. Chatty Apps can be used to mobile enable SaaS applications so that they can be accessed like native apps from millions of smartphones, mobile devices and desktops/laptops.
  2. Web Forms: Chatty Apps can be used for mobile enabling electronic Web forms used in numerous corporate and e-commerce web sites so that they can be accessed like native apps by smartphone users
  3. Self-Service Web Sites: Chatty Apps can be used to develop and deploy self-service Web sites that are mobile enabled and can serve users of smartphones as well as desktops/laptops better than native apps.
  4. Stand-alone Mobile Applications: Chatty Apps allows developers to develop and host stand-alone mobile applications that can be used on multiple smartphones.

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