Easily develop apps that run like native on all popular smartphones

Mobile application developers often struggle with the choice of trying to decide which mobile platform they should support. They have some excellent choices between the Apple iPhone, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile, RIM BlackBerry and the Symbian among others. This decision is further complicated by the rapid changes in the smartphone industry which make it difficult to predict which platform will be the right choice for the future.

Chatty Apps offer mobile application developers an excellent platform to develop their application. The most important benefit is that developers do not have to decide which platform to support. They can support all the platforms and any future platform that may evolve. This is because Chatty Apps are based on HTML supported by all the platforms and offer an elegant means of developing user interfaces that adjust to the size of and characteristics of the mobile device and run like native apps.

Chatty Apps provide mobile application developers the tools necessary to implement user interface on multiple devices. They also provide the following additional capabilities which are major benefit for any mobile application:

  • Develop one app that runs like a native app on different smartphones
  • Support all popular smartphones including Apple iPhone, Google Nexus One, Windows Mobile and RIM Blackberry
  • Integrate with software such as SAP, Salesforce, Ultimus BPM, Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Implement the user interface logic
  • Graphically define rules that change the logic of the user interface and the application
  • Allow integration with back-end services and data sources
  • Provide persistence of data so that there is no loss of data if connection is lost

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