Mobile enable your SaaS or Web applications

  • Enable your SaaS or Web app to run like a native app in smartphones and smart mobile devices
  • Support all popular smartphones such as Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, Google Nexus and RIM Blackberry
  • Allow users to switch between smartphones and their desktop, even in the middle of a task
  • Provide persistence of data in case of loss of connection
  • Increase user satisfaction through rapid download of interface components
  • Facilitate seamless integration with your SaaS application through Web Services
  • Use the built-in rules engine to deploy sophisticated, context-sensitive applications and user interfaces
  • Reduce cost by graphically developing and maintaining mobile applications

Large numbers of software vendors are porting their applications to the Web and/or SaaS model. As the use of smartphones grows dramatically, it is important and necessary for these software vendors to enable smartphone users to access their hosted applications with the same fidelity as desktop/laptop users. Electronic forms are a key interface that many applications use for a variety of different data input requirements. Chatty Apps enables SaaS vendors to provide powerful user interfaces and electronic forms for their applications that are ideally suited for smartphones. They enable SaaS and Web app vendors to rapidly develop and deploy apps that work like native apps on multiple smartphones.

Chatty Solutions makes it easy for software vendors to extend the usability of their SaaS or Web applications so that they can be used by the increasingly large number of smartphone users with same appeal as native apps.

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