Mobile enable you Self-Service Web Site

Self-service applications rely on user input, a knowledge-base and a rules engine to guide the user through proper diagnostics and resolution of a problem. These applications are also rapidly moving to the SaaS model and an increasing number of their users are now using smartphones or other mobile devices. Chatty Apps not only provides them with a means of empowering mobile users to access their applications and services with ease, but it’s built-in rules engine also provides them with the core capabilities needed for their application.

Chatty Apps has a powerful rules engine that controls the sequence in which screens are presented to the user. Using this rules engine, Chatty Solutions enables Self-Service web site developers to deploy rules-driven solutions that are readily and smoothly accessible from smartphones. Chatty Solutions enables the developers of these sites to:

  • Implement dialogs or “chats” with users that lead them to the solution of their problem
  • Support all popular smartphones including Apple iPhone, Google Nexus One, Windows Mobile and RIM Blackberry
  • Enable dialog forms to adjust dynamically to the size of the smartphone and behave like native apps
  • Allow users to switch between smartphones and theri desktop even in the middle of a task
  • Provide persistence of data in case of loss of connection
  • Increase user satisfaction through rapid download of dialogs
  • Facilitate seamless integration of forms data with the core application

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