Mobile enable your Web forms for millions of smartphone users!
  • Enable Web forms to run like native apps in smartphones
  • Support all popular smartphones such as Apple iPhone, Google Nexus One, Windows Mobile and RIM Blackberry
  • Allow users to switch between smartphones and their desktop, even in the middle of a form
  • Provide persistence of data in case of loss of connection
  • Increase user satisfaction through rapid download of form components
  • Facilitate seamless integration of Web forms with your data sources through Web Services
  • Use the built-in rules engine to deploy sophisticated, context-sensitive forms and user interfaces
  • Graphically develop and maintain your forms

Chatty Apps is a powerful solution for web developers to increase the reach and usability of their Web forms by enabling excellent smartphone access. They accomplish this by enabling the large and increasing numbers of smartphone users to easily and naturally work with Web-based electronic forms and user interfaces as if they were native apps. Chatty Apps also provide seamless integration with backend Web Services and data sources, which enable Web developers to create and deploy sophisticated applications of all types. By using the Chatty App Studio, web developers can graphically develop and maintain mobile forms that work on different smartphones and also benefit from the other capabilities of Chatty Apps such as the ability to work across devices, persistence of data in case of loss of connection, rapid integration with back office applications and databases, and fast download speeds. In addition, they benefit from the fact that Chatty Apps is a hosted solution and eliminates the need for purchasing licenses, management and administration.

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