Chatty Apps

Chatty Apps is a rapid development tool to mobile enable your SaaS applications. Using a unique, patented technology, it enables the user interfaces of SaaS applications to run naturally like native apps on all popular devices. With Chatty Apps any smart mobile device can become the ideal client for your hosted (SaaS) applications. Chatty Apps endow SaaS applications and Web forms with a superior and rich user experience: Watch us build an app below

  1. Chatty Apps provide a single adaptive user interface for SaaS apps that is optimized for multiple smartphones and smart mobile devices.

There are many different smartphones and mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPad, Google Nexus One, Droid, RIM Blackberry and many Windows Mobile devices. New ones are being released every month. Developing a user interface optimized for all of them — or even a subset of the most popular devices — is difficult and expensive because of the cost and time of writing and maintaining code for each type of device. Chatty Apps allows your SaaS app to run like a native application on all the smartphones or mobile devices that you want to support.

  1. Chatty Apps optimally adjust to the small size of smartphones. Smartphones are supported without shrinking or force-fitting the user interface.

Smartphones have small screen sizes. This makes it very difficult and inconvenient for users to work with typical user interfaces of SaaS applications and Web forms. Chatty Apps address this problem in a natural way by allowing you to chunk the user interface into small “bites” that fit optimally on small screens, and presenting these bites in a logical sequence.

  1. Chatty Apps ensure that there is no loss of data when connection is lost or work interrupted.

Smartphone users are on the move. They often lose cellular or wireless connection or are interrupted in the middle of their work. They run the risk of losing all their work if they leave a form incomplete. Chatty Apps ensures persistence of data. Users can interrupt work or be interrupted at any time and resume it later from where they left without losing their work.

  1. Chatty Apps enable mobile workers to use the device that is most appropriate and convenient, and switch between devices even in the middle of their work.

Smartphone users need a choice of devices when working with SaaS applications and Web forms. When out of their office or home they prefer to use their smartphones. However when they are in their office they prefer the convenience of a full screen device such as a laptop or desktop. Chatty Apps allows the user to use the device that is most convenient for the moment to work with your SaaS app.

  1. Chatty Apps download much faster because the user interface of your SaaS application or Web form is chunked into small bites. These bites download significantly faster than the entire user interface or electronic form.

The mobile Internet is still slow and downloading large user interfaces takes time, resulting in poor user experience. Chatty Apps circumvent this problem by chunking the user interface into smaller bites and enabling the user to work with one bite at a time. The result is faster response and greater user satisfaction when working with your SaaS application.

  1. Chatty Apps provides rapid mobile enablement of your SaaS app because:
  • much of the development is graphical
  • built-in rules engine implements user interface logic for your app
  • built in formula calculator makes calculations easy
  • built in flow editor sets the app flow and logic via flow diagram
  • built in actions editor allows the implementation of reusable Web Services integration with your business logic

The result is the substantial reduction in time and money to mobile enable your SaaS app so that they run like native applications on different smartphones.

  1. Chatty Apps is a low cost online tool for smartphone-enabling your SaaS application

Chatty Apps are offered as software-as-a-service for a small monthly fee and no long term contract. It includes not only the development of mobile applications but also the testing, deployment and hosting. Companies can start benefiting from Chatty Apps without the cost and maintenance of in-house, licensed software. On-premise licensing options are also available.

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