The architecture of Chatty Apps is designed to rapidly and easily mobile enable your SaaS application or Web forms. A Chatty App is the user interafce of your application that runs on the Chatty Apps Server sitting between your application and the mobile or desktop users.

Chatty Apps are developed and run using the software-as-a-service model, which means that customers do not have to purchase any software or hardware, and can use the service for a low monthly fee. The architecture of Chatty App software-as-a-service is shown in the attached diagram, and it consists of the following components, all of which are accessible online:

Chatty App Studio: The Studio is an online graphical design environment that enables developers to create Chatty Apps. It allows users to create their data model, define the rules, create the chat flows for various smartphone devices they wish to support, and create the electronic forms or user interfaces they need. In addition they can link their application to their own or third-party Web Services which will be called in real time, allowing them to develop very sophisticated mobile applications. After developing, they can save the app in a central repository and can test it immediately using their monitor browser or mobile device. The testing capability is independent of the published app, and is a powerful and convenient way to develop apps quickly and iteratively. The Studio can be used on any Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac computer.

Chatty App Administrator: The Administrator allows app administrators to perform a variety of tasks such as giving secure access to developers, setting system configurations, evaluating usage and publishing and un-publishing apps that can be used by end-users. It also allows administrators to create a central repository of Web Services that can be used by any app. All administrative tasks are performed online. The Administrator can be used on any Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac computer.

Chatty App Server: The Chatty App Server is the engine that orchestrates the execution of Chatty Apps and implements the logic of the application. All user smartphones and desktops/laptops access apps over the Internet. The App Server uses a database for saving the definitions or all Chatty Apps as well as all the information for each instance of an app. It also performs periodic housekeeping to ensure the health of the server.